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Shine Andromeda Shuttlecock Review

Yesterday I played badminton using Shine Andromeda shuttlecock at SBH (Singapore Badminton Hall) and In this video I will show the product review of Shine Andromeda shuttlecock. As you may know that this shuttlecock is using two layers cork which is PU and Softwood. The feather type of this shuttlecock is Goose Feather. Even though the color is off white, however it has stable flight and very affordable price. It save cost a lot for the coaches who use this shuttlecock for a regular training.

This shuttlecock is used for regular training in Singapore badminton academy and also being used by those badminton meetup group who organize badminton activity every week. Usually the meetup group is using the famous brand shuttlecock for their group, now they switch to Shine Andromeda shuttlecock due to less price, stable quality and supply.

This shuttle is made in China, however the product was designed by SHINE Team from Singapore. We choose the right goose feather with good durability with acceptable material cost.

Watch the video below to find out more on the Shine Andromeda shuttlecock review.